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Kiwi Cove | Animal Crossing Island Name

Island Profile:

  • Name: Kiwi Cove


Kiwi Cove is a lush tropical island filled with fruit trees, colorful flowers, and crystal clear waters. The air is filled with the sound of birds chirping and waves crashing against the shore.


Kiwi Cove is located in the southern hemisphere of the Animal Crossing world, nestled between two larger islands. It is accessible by boat or by using a seaplane at the airport.


Kiwi Cove experiences a warm tropical climate year-round, with temperatures ranging from 75°F to 85°F. The island gets occasional rain showers, but they are usually short-lived and followed by sunny skies.


Kiwi Cove is a medium-sized island, with plenty of space for residents to build their dream homes, set up shops, and create beautiful gardens.

Background Information:

1. Kiwi Cove got its name from the abundance of kiwi fruits that grow wild on the island.

2. The island is home to a diverse population of animals, including monkeys, tropical birds, and colorful fish.

3. Residents of Kiwi Cove enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, spending their days fishing, exploring the island, and hosting picnics on the beach.

4. The island is known for its annual Kiwi Festival, where residents and visitors come together to celebrate the fruit that gives the island its name.

5. Kiwi Cove is a popular tourist destination for Animal Crossing travelers looking to escape to a tropical paradise and enjoy the beauty of nature.