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Evergreen Estate | Animal Crossing Island Name

Island Profile:

  • Name: Evergreen Estate


Evergreen Estate is a lush, verdant island filled with towering evergreen trees, colorful flowers, and rolling hills. The island is teeming with wildlife, including chirping birds, playful squirrels, and buzzing insects.


Evergreen Estate is located in the heart of the Animal Crossing world, nestled between two crystal-clear rivers that flow into a serene lake. The island is surrounded by crystal-blue waters, making it a peaceful and idyllic retreat for both residents and visitors alike.


The climate on Evergreen Estate is temperate, with warm summers and mild winters. The island receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making it the perfect place for outdoor activities like fishing, bug catching, and gardening.


Evergreen Estate is a medium-sized island, with plenty of open space for residents to explore and develop. The island features a central plaza, residential area, shops, and natural landmarks like waterfalls and cliffs.

Background Information:

1. Evergreen Estate was once a deserted island until a group of adventurous villagers decided to make it their home.

2. The residents of Evergreen Estate take great pride in maintaining the island's natural beauty, planting flowers, trees, and shrubs to enhance its picturesque landscape.

3. The island is known for its annual Cherry Blossom Festival, where the trees bloom with delicate pink petals and villagers come together to celebrate the beauty of nature.

4. Evergreen Estate is home to a diverse array of animal villagers, each with their own unique personalities and interests. From lazy sloths to energetic rabbits, there's never a dull moment on the island.

5. Visitors to Evergreen Estate often remark on the sense of peace and serenity that permeates the island, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway.